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Reality Sets In - the housemates diaries

jasadinJan. 20th, 2006 09:53 pm Donna - Day 2

Josh is bugging me, so i've decided to write my first online entry. Although i'm not sure that it was wise of me to leacve him unattended with so many civillians.

Anyway, enough about Josh.

I'm so glad that Mrs Bartlet volunteered Josh for this, because I am having SO much fun. And Josh no matter what he says, is also having a great. I haven't seen him so relaxed, in well... ever.

Had a little stumble over words last night with the whole bed issue, but hopefully it all worked out. I'm sure CJ's fine with it... as long as she didn't have a heart attack before she heard me explain. Oh well, at least i'm free from her wrath until we get out of here. Which may be longer than i expacted. Josh has been extremely well behaved so far.

Other than the whinging when we were building the flag poles this morning. But really, did you see the knots he was tying? They were just falling apart. No matter what he claims, Josh is not and never will be an "outdoors man".

I've got to go now, Josh is shouting for me. And I thought I was going to be free of that for a while. *sigh*

- Donna

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jasadinJan. 20th, 2006 09:51 pm Ben - DAY 2

Today's been fun.

Built a flag, sung the anthem, lost some money, made rafts. The usual...

Okay, so... i guess that's that.


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jasadinJan. 20th, 2006 09:43 pm ~**STEPHANIE**~ DAY 2

Ummm, hi everyone. *waves*

I'm not really sure how to do this, am i supposed to write it as a diary? Maybe...

okay then, i will.

Dear diary,

It's my second day in the Big Brother house. Well not really even my second day, as it was only last night that we entered... Anyway, it's nothing like i expected, but... i think that's a good thing.

My Mom was actually the one to suggest that we audition for Big Brother. I know! Weird, huh? But then gain, Mom's always loved to experience new things.

Sooo Day 2 in the house. Everybody seems really nice. I can't really remember everybodies names, but i'm sure it won't take long, I mean i'm going to be living with these people for God knows how long.

I must note though, I have managed to remember Dave and Greg's names, but who couldn't?! Their just too cute!! *giggles*

So, I guess i should talk about my day...

Got up early to find Mom preparing breakfast, some things will never change, but i'm okay with that, especially if there's maple syrup on top =D

Then... DUM DUM DUM!!!

The dreaded DIARY ROOM!!!

I know. It's pretty scary at first hearing BB's voice from all around, especially as i'd almost forgot we were on National TV. I'm not sure that i'm ever going to get used to that. I hope that i don't embarass myself...

So i've become a girl scout. I must say the uniforms are pretty cute. And it was pretty fun seeing the guys get all worked up about tying knots and racing each other. Building the rafts was definately the highlight of the day, almost like going back to my summer camp days, but with my mother!

I'm really enjoying this 'couples' thing. Everybody can make new friends, but we all also have somebody to talk to. It puts everybody more at ease with each other. Also we can see how people react with others that they are close too. Now you'd think my example would be Dave and Greg, them being twins and all, but no. In this instance im thinking of John and Donna. I mean they he's her boss and she's always hitting him when he says something stupid. It's great!!

okay, have to go. Dinner.

I guess this diary thing isn't so bad. But i haven't done a diary room entry yet...

see you later.

<3 Steph xox

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jasadinOct. 18th, 2005 09:50 am WHAT'S THIS JOURNAL ABOUT???


What's this journal about??

This journal is designed so that the housemates can write their own online journal entries as another way to communicate with the outside world what their thoughts and feelings are while they are inside the BB house.

Can the Housemates read each others entries?

No. The Housemates are not able to read any posted entries, even their own already posted entries.

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